Organic Magic Dust


Organic Magic Dust

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Created for garlic lovers who need a kick of heat, our Magic Dust combines our long-loved garlic powder with a mixed hot pepper blend to create a seasoning that’s perfect on any type of food, in recipes, or as a final shake to give any dish a needed kick! Take a bland meal up a notch with our Magic Dust. 

It took us two seasons to perfect the ratios to perfect this savory “sprinkle on everything” blend. Our Magic Dust came to be from Lizzie’s LOVE of growing hot peppers (and their many varieties!). We found that fresh hot peppers are not a big ticket item at our fresh vegetable market. Since we don’t believe in waste, we took to the kitchen to masterfully perfect a 50/50 garlic and mixed hot pepper blend that would add life to any recipe. 

Our Customer’s Favorite Uses: On vegetables, chicken, fish, tofu, to kick up any recipe, on baked potatoes, on popcorn, and so much more!


Produced in a facility with potential exposure to nuts and dairy.

Vegan and gluten-free.

Why Dizzie Lizzie’s:

  • Certified Organic Organic
  • Grown & Certified in New York . 
  • Grown, packaged and processed on the farm.